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Prompt Table: AG Style in 500 words or less! ala Square Table LJ

Hi Merlin friends! I decided to do this prompt table over at square_table to challenge myself to write a bunch of short ficlets and because I love the table. I decided to split the table into two drabble fics series.

Drabble Series {First Year} Arthur and Gwen's First Year of Marriage

Drabble Series {Old West}: In an AU world, Arthur and Gwen meet on the plains of the old west of the 1800's.

Each drabble series will have it's own post below where I will add in each part to that same post.

Note: Completed ones are linked in bold cap.

01.KISS 02.Hug 03.Cuddle 04.First Date
05.Fire 06.Sigh 07.Smile 08.CLOUDY
09.Exposed 10.Truth 11.Lies 12.Death
13.Snow 14.Raindrops 15.Burning 16.Swimming
17.Wine 18.Holiday 19.Sleep 20.Dream